New Digital Art

Over the last year or so, I have made quite a few of these digital paintings from my photography and they have proved to be very popular and many of them are my bestsellers. Some of them are watercolours but I am now experimenting with digital oil paintings. The image above is one of the… Continue reading New Digital Art

Black and White Photography

I imagine that if you have landed on this page, you have an interest in black and white photography. You are looking for something vintage, looking for something classic. For me, this is where my photography journey began. In black and white. There is something magical and raw about looking these images. There are no… Continue reading Black and White Photography

Urban Collectibles

Today I want to talk about my series called Urban Collectibles. They are an expanding collection of photographs documenting the urban landscape where I live. In my Still Life series, I shoot ordinary fruits and vegetables and make them into objects of beauty in a way that I might not have appreciated before. Urban Collectibles… Continue reading Urban Collectibles

Athens Wall Art

Athens in Greece is a beautiful city; full of ancient landmarks, temples and monuments. You cannot help but be in awe of the incredible architecture of these famous landmarks. I have lived in here for almost 30 years and every time I photograph these places, I fall in love with them all over again. My… Continue reading Athens Wall Art

Wall Art

Are you giving your home a makeover or are you bored with empty walls? Here are my top Wall Art ideas especially for you. So what is Wall Art exactly? You could describe any photography or artwork that goes on the wall as Wall Art. I sell a large variety of work that fits into… Continue reading Wall Art