Urban Collectibles

Today I want to talk about my series called Urban Collectibles. They are an expanding collection of photographs documenting the urban landscape where I live. In my Still Life series, I shoot ordinary fruits and vegetables and make them into objects of beauty in a way that I might not have appreciated before.

Urban Collectibles are my still life series of the streets. Cities are full of ugly things. Rubbish, decay, abandoned buildings, broken and discarded objects. Can I find beauty in the mess? Can I find glamour in the ordinary? This ongoing series is challenging to my idea of what is aesthetically pleasing. I am looking at everyday things more closely as I did with the still life collection and I enjoy this series very much. I am loving the randomness of the streets, the oddness of discarded things, the stories in the pictures.

Urban Collectibles work well as single images and as a gallery wall. They are square prints with a grunge framing for that extra gritty feel. This collection is for sale as wall art in all its forms; posters, canvas, metal, art prints, art boards and acrylic blocks. They are also available as stickers and magnets, giving you the opportunity to buy a collection of them at a very affordable price!

This will be an ongoing series so don’t forget to bookmark me and come back for more!

I also have a series of Urban Collectible Doubles! Two for the price of one. Here are a few example that you can find in my shop. These are also available for print on t-shirts.

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