Welcome to 2021

Happy New Year to you all! So far, 2021 has been great for me personally; not so great for politics around the place. Brexit was finalised, much against what I wished but I am trying to secure the new residency card here in Greece. I have legal status and have been here for 26 years but you know, I want to be able to breathe easier after almost 5 years of uncertainty. There was an attempted coup in the US yesterday which didn’t come as a surprise but was shocking nonetheless.

As for me, I went photowalking which is what I call very long hikes with my camera and the intention to take pictures rather than just record the day. We (my partner in crime, Vishy) went up to Tourkovounia or Turkish Mountains here in Athens. They are a pretty well kept secret from tourists but you do see the odd serious hiker. Needless to say, I took hundreds of photographs and have selected just a few to put up for sale. You can browse my new work here on Redbubble.

I hope the year is treating you well so far.

Stay safe.

Wear a mask.

Be kind