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Hi, I am Cassi Moghan
I was born in the UK a while ago but Greece has been my adopted home for the past 28 years. I have worked in the arts for most of my adult life, first as an actor and director before getting into my position as a sound producer for audiobooks. I work with actors and sound engineers to bring stories to life.‚Äč

I began my photography journey when I met the love of my life almost 3 decades ago. He is a professional photographer and graphic designer who has stood by me and believed in me from day one. I have always been fascinated by photography but when I looked at his portfolio I was mesmerised by the images. It was the discovery of a new way to tell stories.


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Explore my exclusive NFT photography collections! I think of my photographs as a way to tell a story through my lens. Own an edition or a 1/1 of my digital work by collecting on the blockchain. I’m on ETH and Tezos. Don’t miss out!


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Explore my photography blog! I write regularly about the stories behind my pictures Whether you’re into photography or just curious about me and my adventures, visit my blog for some insights and commentary about my work