About Me

Hi, I am Cassi Moghan, a British photographer now living in Athens in Greece.

I have recently teamed up with Darkroom to bring you my independent print store! I am currently concentrating on my black and white still life series but I will add other collections as the year progresses.

I became obsessed with still life photography by accident. I was messing about with some lighting at home and needed something to photograph! I literally plonked some things I had around the house on a table and focused on lighting them. I immediately fell in love. I started to concentrate on composition and although this had started out as a lighting exercise, I quickly discovered the joy of natural light. At the beginning I was setting up small scenes but eventually, I started playing around with “simple” (it’s actually not that simple), choosing to focus on a particular fruit or vegetable.

I am looking to make the ordinary extraordinary!

My black and white still life collection is available to buy as photographic prints, canvas, metal and framed prints.

It would be an absolute pleasure to have my work hanging on your wall! Please visit my Darkroom print shop and have a look around.

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