About Me

Portrait by Vishy Moghan

I am a British photographer now living in Athens in Greece and I have teamed up with Redbubble to bring you my independent shop! I have a large collection of the magnificent landmarks, temples, monuments and cityscapes of my adopted city. I also love landscapes and seascapes of Greece and Wales.

Parthenon Evening

I have recently become obsessed with still life photography! I started creating still life images by accident. I was messing about with some lighting at home and needed something to photograph! I literally plonked some things I had around the house on a table and focused on lighting them. I immediately fell in love. I started to concentrate on composition and although this had started out as a lighting exercise, I quickly discovered the joy of natural light. At the beginning I was setting up small scenes but eventually, I started playing around with “simple” (it’s actually not that simple), choosing to focus on a particular fruit or vegetable.

Coffee Time Still Life

After working on a large collection of still life photography, I also made a smaller collection of square prints out of some them and I am now working on a black and white series. I am constantly adding to all my collections so check back often. As well as my still life work, I also have a large selection of photographs of my adopted city of Athens and of my travels to the Greek islands. All my work is available as wall art. By that I mean archival art prints, canvas prints, metal prints, acrylic prints and posters. You can also have my work printed on t-shirts, bags, home décor items and on various other products. I would recommend you bought a print but I understand that not everyone is into hanging photography on their wall so I make my work available in other forms.

New Years Day 2021 Tourkovounia