The One of One collection

I will be focusing more on 1/1 NFTs in 2024

Here’s why

Exclusivity and Rarity: A 1/1 NFT signifies absolute uniqueness. There’s only one of its kind in existence on the blockchain. For collectors who value rarity, this can be very appealing. It provides a sense of exclusivity that isn’t present with multiple edition NFTs

Higher Perceived Value: Due to their exclusivity, 1/1 NFTs might be perceived as having higher value than editions. This can lead to potentially higher sales prices, especially if there’s significant demand or if the artwork or item is highly desirable

Unique Ownership and Bragging Rights: Owning a 1/1 NFT can give the collector unique bragging rights. They possess something that no one else has, making it a prized possession in the digital art or collectible world

Direct Relationship with the Creator: For artists or creators, offering 1/1 NFTs can allow them to have a more direct relationship with individual buyers. This can be beneficial for networking, collaborations, or simply building a loyal fanbase who value the direct connection

Avoiding Saturation: With editions, there’s a predefined number of copies. If the market is saturated with many similar editions of an NFT, it might dilute the perceived value or uniqueness. Offering 1/1 NFTs ensures that each creation is distinct and stands alone in its uniqueness

Flexibility in Pricing: When selling editions, there’s often a set price for each edition. However, with 1/1 NFTs, creators have the flexibility to price each piece based on its perceived value, demand, or other factors. This dynamic pricing strategy can be beneficial in maximizing revenue.

Artistic Freedom: Some artists prefer the freedom that comes with not being constrained by editions. They can create pieces without having to commit to producing multiple copies. This allows for more experimentation and creative freedom.

Potential for Increased Secondary Market Value: In the secondary market, rarity often drives value. Since 1/1 NFTs are unique, they might see increased demand and potentially higher resale prices if the demand for that particular artwork or collectible grows over time.

While offering 1/1 NFTs has its advantages, I still wish to consider my audience and current collectors. Some collectors might prefer editions due to their affordability and the ability to own a piece from a particular series or collection and for this reason I will always make some collections available as limited editions

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