Welcome to 2021

Happy New Year to you all! So far, 2021 has been great for me personally; not so great for politics around the place. Brexit was finalised, much against what I wished but I am trying to secure the new residency card here in Greece. I have legal status and have been here for 26 years… Continue reading Welcome to 2021

Lockdown Photowalks

Lockdown Photowalks: The End of 2020 As you can see it was a beautiful day with blue sky and incredible white clouds that I am totally obsessed with. The air was incredibly fresh. It was incredible to take off our masks and just look out over the quiet city and just breathe. It’s the simple… Continue reading Lockdown Photowalks

A Hell of a Year

Let’s be honest… 2020 has been a hell of a year! I won’t get into political opinions and arguments on my blog but let’s just say, it hasn’t been a very happy 4 years what with Brexit and Trump. Enough said. Now you know where I stand. Then there’s the covid pandemic. This whole situation… Continue reading A Hell of a Year