Pinterest Update

It has been a strange month. I set some goals at the beginning of 2021 and it’s proving to be a little harder than I imagined. I am determined to post more regularly and then my Pinterest blew up! I went from 500,000 monthly viewers to less than 25,000 in 3 weeks. I wrote to… Continue reading Pinterest Update

Athens Wall Art

Athens in Greece is a beautiful city; full of ancient landmarks, temples and monuments. You cannot help but be in awe of the incredible architecture of these famous landmarks. I have lived in here for almost 30 years and every time I photograph these places, I fall in love with them all over again. My… Continue reading Athens Wall Art

Wall Art

Are you giving your home a makeover or are you bored with empty walls? Here are my top Wall Art ideas especially for you. So what is Wall Art exactly? You could describe any photography or artwork that goes on the wall as Wall Art. I sell a large variety of work that fits into… Continue reading Wall Art

Still Life Wall Art

I became obsessed with still life photography in 2019 and have hundreds of images for sale that might appeal to you! I started creating still life images by accident. I was messing about with some lighting at home and needed something to photograph! I literally plonked some things I had around the house on a… Continue reading Still Life Wall Art