Burnt Out

Burnt Out

A lot of people in the NFT world are feeling like this at this moment. Burnt Out and close to giving up. But I want to focus on the positive vibes I see shining through. There are people who have shown up throughout this year of bear markets, scams and invisibility. We have done it without being part of cliques, special groups or circles. We have made friends with fellow artists and kept each other going through it all.

We keep making art! Going out as much as we can and taking amazing photographs. Sitting down and drawing or painting every day sometimes. Embracing AI and learning how to use the tools to create incredible work.


We are constantly being tested by barriers that are well and truly in place; whether it’s the country we live in, not having the luxury of travelling to meet people IRL or simply that we have to work a regular job as well as try and hold out place at the table.

The fact that any of us are still here is remarkable and I want to celebrate every single one of you who has persevered through this year. We have proved we have the resilience and strength to carry on trying to make a success of this NFT adventure. I wish you all a more optimistic and fruitful 2023.

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