photography collection

The Old Gasworks Collection

HAPPY NEW YEAR A new collection called The Old Gasworks minted on 1st January 2024 The old gas works in Athens is the best-preserved in Europe and the only one with the mechanical equipment kept in its original place. It is an example of typical 19th and 20th-century industrial architecture. A ‘retort’ is an oven […]

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The One of One Collection

The One of One collection I will be focusing more on 1/1 NFTs in 2024 Here’s why Exclusivity and Rarity: A 1/1 NFT signifies absolute uniqueness. There’s only one of its kind in existence on the blockchain. For collectors who value rarity, this can be very appealing. It provides a sense of exclusivity that isn’t

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Still Life in Colour Collection

A new collection of Still Life photographs with ten editions each minted on 24th November 2023. Still life photography is an art form that captures the beauty in the everyday, turning ordinary objects into extraordinary subjects. This genre has a rich history dating back to the Renaissance, where artists meticulously painted arrangements of inanimate objects

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