December 2022

Burnt Out

A lot of people in the NFT world are feeling like this at this moment. Burnt Out and close to giving up. But I want to focus on the positive vibes I see shining through. There are people who have shown up throughout this year of bear markets, scams and invisibility. We have done it […]

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The Last House

The Last House was shot in November 2022 and captures what might be one of the last pictures of this stretch of coast road in its present state. The pebble wall at Newgale beach in Pembrokeshire was thrown up by a huge storm in 1859 and has been maintained since then to protect the inhabitants

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On the Rocks Collection

2022 has been a year of loss for me with mum and dad both passing away within six months of each other. I have not even begun to process the grief I feel but this collection On the Rocks is manifestation of the feelings I have been grappling at this time. I spent almost 8

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