The Friendship Mint

I woke up on the morning of November 26th and felt a deep desire to do something nice for the friends I have made along the way on this NFT journey. We all talk about “community” but what is it exactly? To me it’s about the unconditional support and love that has been shown to me. It’s the people who have collected my work even though I have no “name” or reputation. It’s my fellow artists who buy my work even though they are struggling themselves. It’s the DMs asking how I am. It’s the hearts and silly gifs we share every day. It’s those that show up whether things are going their way or not. It’s the people that are creating and minting despite the markets, despite being overlooked, despite being rejected by the big names of NFTs. It’s us. The people who make others feel better with a few kind words. I am grateful to my little community. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to continue.

The purple hydrangea represents understanding, abundance and elegance. A special gift to those who deserve to wear a crown. I minted 50 copies of this special bloom mainly to give away to my friends. If you would like an edition of “Friendship”, you can collect it using the link below. The first 10 collectors pay just 2 $XTZ.

Collect Friendship on objkt

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