A Year in NFTs

I was a photographer for at least ten years before I discovered NFTs but then I started hearing about Web 3 and the incredible new world that artists were creating on the blockchains. I listened in on countless spaces and practically lived on Twitter, finding out as much as I could before taking the plunge on the 22nd August 2021 with my Three Roads collection. It was minted with all the hope and happiness of every newcomer to this space. I met brilliant people and I chanted WAGMI along with everyone else. I made plans in my mind about the little house with a garden I would finally be able to achieve. Big dreams!

I found the courage to tell my story of alcohol abuse and recovery that is the basis of the collection. I was on twitter and in spaces way too much but I felt successful and I felt seen. And I got my first sales within 2 weeks!

Over the next 4 months, I sold 13/30 from Three Roads to some of the most legendary collectors:

Alpha Trilogy
Lori Grace

I thought I was on a fantastic path to selling out.
Then came 2022…

Ethereum plummeted, a bear market and almost total panic. Fear and disappointment sunk in across the whole community. People I met at the beginning of this adventure started really struggling and many left. I had 1 sale this year from Three Roads.

Cleverer people than me came up with the idea of doing editions and that became a thing. I minted Time as mine and 10 of my wonderful friends bought my piece (5 remaining). It was bitter sweet because I realised that we were not all going to make it.

For many reasons, not least because there are cliques, gatekeepers and all kinds of shenanigans that go on in this space that I had no idea about until around March this year! I got pretty low about the whole situation and pulled back from spaces. And almost gave up.

Then, the worst happened and I lost my mum on the last day of May. The sadness and grief was overwhelming and is still so hard. But one incredible thing happened. My beautiful friends here supported me and loved me in a way I could never have imagined

As I started to get back to “normal”, I saw many of those friends jumping into Tezos and I decided to sign up. I cannot say this loud enough but it was the best decision I could have made at exactly the right time for me.

In the month I have been on objkt, I have been selling most days and collecting probably as much as I’ve sold. And I have never been more genuinely happy in the NFT space. I’ve left elitism, exclusion, utility, cliques and influencers behind. I am free.

This is my love letter to my one year NFT adventure. Thank you to everyone who has liked, followed, collected, cheered, celebrated, laughed and cried along the way. I am grateful to every single one of you.

Thank you xxx

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    Thank you Micca! Sorry for the late reply! I couldn’t figure out how to reply until just now!

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