street photography

#3 Locked

When we are in the middle of a crisis whether mental health or personal challenges, it is easy to lose sight of everything. It is hard to imagine a day when you will feel better than you do right now. I have no words of wisdom or advice to help you get to that point …

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#2 Chain

The chains that hold us are mostly only in our minds. At the time that I was shooting this series, I often felt that I would never be rid of them and I photographed many subconsciously.  This collection and my journey in the NFT community has helped me realise that I was always strong enough …

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#1 Weed

People often say that all photographs are really self portraits. I often think this one really is. Everything in this image is gone. The building has been demolished and the weed is dead. I shot this as I was recovering from a dark time in my life and it serves as a metaphor for survival, …

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